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What are some tips for applying for Social Security Disability?

What are some tips for applying for Social Security Disability?
  • When filing a claim, it is best to obtain the most current records from your relevant treating sources, for example, your immunologist, rheumatologist, etc., and submit them at the time of the application. This will help expedite your claim. You should also obtain letters from your treating physician and other specialists with supporting objective evidence such as lab findings, MRIs, x-rays, etc stating that you are unable to sustain a 40 hour workweek. This will greatly support your claim.
  • Stay in contact with your disability examiner every 10-14 days. Their name and phone number should be located on the mail they send to you. Ask them if they have received all your pertinent medical records. Most hospitals and physicians’ offices rely on copy services which only come by once a week. It may take several phone calls/faxes to obtain the needed information which could make a huge difference in your claim.
  • When Disability Determination Services (DDS) sends you forms to complete regarding how pain affects your activities, fatigue, etc you should be as detailed as possible and don’t be afraid to add extra sheets to the forms. Describe a typical day when completing an activity of daily living form. You will also be asked to complete a work history form. This should include the jobs you worked in the last 15 years. Please be as detailed as possible regarding your job duties, rate of pay, supervisory duties, etc.
  • You may be asked to attend a medical exam at no expense to you to in order to obtain more information. This is more common in cases such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, fibromyalgia etc when detailed joint range of motion and mobility/gait information is needed in addition to the information about your PIDD. It is very important that you keep this exam. Your disability examiner will contact you by phone or mail regarding the details of the exam.

For more detailed information, please go to the Social Security Administration Website.