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IDF 2020 National Summit

November 5-8, 2020
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About the IDF National Summit

The IDF National Summit, formerly known as IDF Retreats, is a weekend gathering designed with everyone in the primary immunodeficiency community in mind—including you! We changed the name to reflect what it really is—essentially a smaller version of the National Conference.

There is something for everyone at the IDF National Summit. Patients, parents, siblings, children, and partners are encouraged to attend and learn how to develop better approaches to living with primary immunodeficiency. Plus, you can connect with others going through similar experiences and have some fun! Whether a person is newly diagnosed or has been living with PI for years, the IDF National Summit offers an opportunity for individuals and family members to connect with others to learn more about dealing with their diseases. The educational sessions feature leading physicians and healthcare professionals who address the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiency. Insurance specialists, public policy experts, and other qualified professionals discuss life management issues.

The youth and teen programs held during the Summit offer both education and fun and are designed to help the younger members of our community better manage their diseases. With an ever-evolving, age-appropriate curriculum, medical and life skill experts present invaluable information for the younger participants with primary immunodeficiency.

Perhaps, most importantly, these Summits create time for people living with PI to get together with others who are experiencing similar situations.


  • Informative presentations from experts in their field
  • Networking sessions for adults with PI, parents/caregivers and spouses, partners and friends
  • Fun youth programs, for children 6 months to 18 years
  • Interactive educational exhibits 
  • Special disease-specific sessions


Questions? Call 800-296-4433, or click here to e-mail IDF.



Thank you to all those who attended the IDF Retreats 2018 in Cleveland, OH and St. Augustine, FL!
IDF Retreats 2018 - Cleveland Presentations 
IDF Retreats 2018 - Cleveland Photos
IDF Retreats 2018 - St. Augustine Presentations
IDF Retreats 2018 - St. Augustine Photos