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Latest IDF Podcast Episodes Discuss College Concerns & Employment

November 30, 2018

There are new episodes of the IDF podcast, Primary Immunodeficiency Q&A! If you’re interested in hearing guests talk about what it’s like being a young adult living with PI, check out these episodes of our podcast!

Are you a current or soon-to-be college student, or a parent of a college student living with PI? Listen to the latest episode of IDF’s podcast, Primary Immunodeficiency Q&A, as we explore how students with PI can better manage their condition while in college. Our guest speaker is Emma Westermann-Clark, MD of the University of Florida.

Topics include questions to ask when choosing a school, what to consider for campus housing accommodations, locating a specialist near your campus, deciding whether or not to share your diagnosis with your professors and more. Listen to the episode here.

If you missed the previous episode of Primary Immunodeficiency Q&A, click here to catch up on episode three, where we discuss employment and PI with guest Brian Rath, an attorney, member of the PI community, longtime IDF volunteer and current member of the IDF Board of Trustees.

In this episode, we discuss employment issues and living with PI, such as what to consider when choosing a career, dealing with health insurance and more.

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The IDF Young Adult Online Education Series is supported by CSL Behring.

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