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Arizona Now Screening Newborns for SCID

August 9, 2017

As of August 8, 2017, the State of Arizona has begun newborn screening for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), making it the 45th state to begin statewide SCID screening.

IDF has worked diligently since fall of 2016 to educate Arizona policymakers on the importance of SCID newborn screening for all babies in the state. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey strongly endorsed SCID screening in his State of the State address in January of this year. Legislation was then signed into law in May to add SCID to the state newborn screening panel, authorizing screening to begin.

It’s incredible to be one state closer to achieving IDF’s goal of universal screening for SCID in the U.S., ensuring all babies have a chance at a healthy life. Three states are making progress toward statewide screening, which IDF is actively monitoring and providing support as needed. The remaining two states of Louisiana and Indiana have not taken meaningful steps to begin screening for SCID.

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