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One Woman’s IDF Walk for PI – Virtual Walk Story Will Encourage You to Join Along!

March 12, 2018

Andi Creed is living with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) and was diagnosed late into her adult years. Andi is a strong advocate for IDF Walk for PI – Virtual Walk, and recommends it to those who want to participate but don’t live near a walk location.

Pictured: Andi Creed

IDF Walk for PI gives Andi hope for the future, so once she found out that the Virtual Walk was an option, she was motivated to get out and walk for PI—even if she would be walking by herself!

When asked what advice she would give to someone who is thinking of joining the Virtual Walk, Andi answered with, “Just do it! Set goals for how much money you would like to raise, then bump it up by a notch or two. Don’t be embarrassed about asking for donations—tell everyone you talk with what your goals are. Be confident in your abilities and in your potential donors.”

Andi included her personal journey with her rare disease when utilizing social media platforms for donations. She also catered her campaign to focus on children with PI—specifically babies. She doesn’t want another child to go 60 years without being diagnosed, especially since there is lifesaving treatment available.

In addition to a personal story, Andi also promised her donors that she would walk three times each week to earn their donations. Each time she completed her walk for PI, she updated both her donors and potential donors.

Andi’s favorite part of the Virtual Walk was educating her friends and family on her rare disease. “I focused on the importance of donations for research and early diagnosis for future generations,” stated Andi.

If you were thinking about becoming part of IDF Walk for PI – Virtual Walk, we hope that Andi’s story helped inspire you to join! The funds raised by the Virtual Walk are critical to the overall success of the walks. Thank you, Andi, for sharing your story and for being such a strong advocate of the Virtual Walks.

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