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Raising PI Awareness at a Newly Opened CSL Plasma Center

June 18, 2018

Jessica Goddard is a member of the IDF community and is living with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID). As a way to raise awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases among plasma donors and centers, Jessica volunteers as an IDF Plasma Awareness Coordinator.

Recently, a new CSL Plasma donation center opened in Columbia, South Carolina. Jessica used this as an opportunity to promote PI awareness to her community and was interviewed by the local news station, Fox 57 News.

Pictured left to right: Monique Simpson (manager of CSL Plasma, Columbia), Jessica Goddard, Rachel Goddard

Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) are a group of more than 350 rare, chronic disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or functions improperly. Some affect a single part of the immune system; others may affect one or more components of the system. Some people with PI have an antibody-deficiency, and they are unable to make antibodies to fight infections. Many who are antibody deficient rely on lifesaving immunoglobulin (Ig) replacement therapy, which is prepared from human plasma collected from a large number of donors. The Ig that is given partly replaces what the body should be making, but it does not stimulate the patient’s own immune system to make more Ig. Since Ig only replaces the missing end product but does not correct that person’s defect in antibody production, Ig replacement therapy is usually necessary for the patient’s lifetime.

That’s why plasma donors are so important to the PI community—many of their lives depend on it!

At just 16-years-old, Jessica has done so much to promote PI awareness to the public and her local community. Most plasma donors don’t realize where their donations are going—with most not ever hearing of PI. Spreading awareness to these donors not only educates them about rare, chronic disorders they didn’t even know existed, but it also puts a face to PI and shows them the tremendous difference that they are making!

Thank you, Jessica, for all of your hard work for the PI community!

Click here to learn more about becoming an IDF Plasma Awareness Coordinator.

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