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Since You Asked: Question & Answer (February 2018)

February 28, 2018

These Questions & Answers originally appeared in the IDF monthly e-newsletter, Primary Immune Tribune. Click here to subscribe.

Question 1: Immunoglobulin (Ig) Levels
Question 2: Looking for a Primary Care Physician (PCP) 


Is it normal for a patient with Hypogammaglobulinemia to have different immunoglobulin (Ig) panel results every time? My first test showed very low IgG. The next month they were in the normal range. My IgA was low, but a month later, it was in the normal range again. 


Usually, the serum immunoglobulin values do not vary much. If they are borderline low, they may be within the normal range one time and slightly low another time. It is important that the blood sample go to the same laboratory each time. Thus, minor variations are probably not significant.


I am looking for a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who has experience with CVID.


IDF has a database that consists of specialists who have voluntarily reported to IDF that they diagnose, treat and manage patients with primary immunodeficiency disease (PI). These are mostly clinical immunologists, so unfortunately, we do not have PCP’s or other specialties in our database.

We usually recommend that you ask your PI specialist to see if he/she has any recommendations for you. Perhaps they have worked with someone in the past.

You may also want to consider communicating with others on the IDF Friends Discussion Forum. This is an online community that is specifically for individuals and family members who are living with PI. There, you could connect with others in your area and post a question about your search.

Best of luck to you in your search!

These answers should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. In all cases, patients and caregivers should consult their healthcare providers. Each patient’s condition and treatment are unique.


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