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IDF Walk for PI: Why Do You Walk?

February 28, 2018

It’s a simple question, yet it’s one that holds so much meaning: Why do you walk for PI? We like to ask the PI community this occasionally to hear from our community and understand what the walks mean to them. The answers are always inspiring and motivating, and help us remember just how important IDF Walk for PI is to those living with PI.

Why do you walk for PI?

  • “To open people’s eyes to a very rare disease.”
  • “To raise awareness! Before my son’s diagnosis, I had no idea what a PI was!”
  • “I walk for my best friend.”
  • “To show my gratitude to IDF for always being there for us.”
  • “I walk to spread awareness and show support to other zebras and their families.”
  • “I walk for my friend’s daughter.”
  • “So future children won’t have to spend decades without a diagnosis.”

There are many reasons why we all walk for PI, each being more personal than the next. We hope to see you walking with us this fall.

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