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IDF Volunteers: Mark Your Calendars

Renew Your Volunteer Position before February 9

Looking back on 2017, IDF is thankful for the hard work and dedication from all of our volunteers. You are the heart and soul of many of our programs. From supporting IDF staff at special events, to outreach and raising awareness for primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI), your willingness to devote your time and skills helps our community.

With a growing demand for services and programs from IDF, we are counting on our volunteers to renew for the 2018 year in order to reach those who need us most.

Participate in the IDF Fever Study: Coming Spring 2018

IDF has an exciting research project that developed from discussions in the IDF PI CONNECT Research Forum and IDF Friends. Many individuals with PI report having a lower than normal average body temperature. As a result, when they do have signs of an infection, frequently their temperature does not rise to 100.4°F, the threshold upon which doctors begin to prescribe antibiotics. If this occurs, patients who have infections may not receive critical antibiotics due to missed signs of fever.

Remembering Sara LeBien

It is with great sadness that the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) shares the news that Sara LeBien died January 14, 2018.

Sara and her husband Bob were integral in the founding of IDF. They, like the other families and physicians involved in the early days, saw the need for a national organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of people with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) after their son Mike was diagnosed.

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