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The majority of individuals diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency (PI) have defects in their immune system’s ability to make antibodies to fight infections. Consequently, they rely on life-long immunoglobulin (Ig) replacement therapy. Ig comes from human plasma and is used to replace the antibodies that are needed to protect them from life-threatening infections.

The process by which human plasma is collected, tested and eventually fractionated into plasma products like Ig is complex. There are many different entities involved in the chain that enable plasma to go from a donor’s vein, to a finished plasma product that is used by a patient with PI. IDF enjoys a strong relationship with those involved in the different stages of this process, appreciating their commitment to the collection of high-quality plasma, and dedication to the highest levels of safety and quality assurances.

Because the health of patients with PI and plasma businesses are so intertwined, IDF considers each company involved a partner in improving the lives of patients with PI. This association with plasma donors, plasma center staff members, and others involved in the plasma industry has grown over the years and developed into the IDF Plasma Partners Program.

Below, learn more about the different aspects of the IDF Plasma Partners Program, and the impact of plasma products upon those with PI: