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IDF Action Alerts

Reaching out to your public officials is simple and quick with the IDF Action Alert system. Customize each alert with your name and contact information and hit send. It is that easy.

Health Access Advocate

Make change happen by reaching out to government officials. Volunteers will work with IDF staff to advocate in their areas. If you like the idea of scheduling meetings with legislators and/or community leaders to educate them about state and federal legislative issues related to PI, then this is the volunteer role for you!

IDF Advocacy Channel

Now is the time to make sure the unified voice of the IDF community is heard! IDF Advocacy Channel communicates the powerful message of our patients and their stories to impact policy decisions. Focusing on patient advocacy on behalf of breaking public policy issues, this channel activates our patient volunteers and family members by sharing their personal stories.

Campaigns & Intiatives

By focusing on both state and federal initiatives, IDF helps the members of the PI community fight for affordable, convenient treatments. We fight to ensure affordable access to appropriate medication and sites of care. 

In order to keep our IDF community safe, we work to ensure that best practices in medical products and treatments are constantly improving and following FDA safety guidelines. 

IDF supports medical research through The United States Immunodeficiency Network (USIDNET), which was developed specifically to further advancements in primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI).

SCID has been characterized in the medical community as a pediatric emergency. IDF has strongly supported and worked tirelessly toward establishing lifesaving newborn screening programs in all 50 states.